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CintaNotes lets you take and manage notes with ease. The application runs from the system tray and responds to hotkeys. It has a very straightforward multilanguage interface, so it’s appropriate for any kind of user. However, if you still have any doubts, you can consult the online user guide.

The program stores your notes in database files that are called “notebooks”. Fortunately, you can create as many notebooks as you need and give them different and descriptive names. Each notebook can be protected with an individual password if you feel it’s necessary. Moreover, notebooks can subsequently be divided into various sections. In turn, notes can be created by capturing text from other applications or by simply typing the contents. Besides holding texts, your notes can store other types of content. You can even create a sort of web by inserting links to other notes as part of the text.

One of the most convenient features of this tool is that it allows you to organize your notes in multiple ways. Although the program supports full-text search, the easiest way to find a given note is by using descriptive tags. And fortunately, tags can be organized as tree-like hierarchy, which certainly contributes to a better organization. More than just that, you can create autotag rules, for the notes to be tagged or moved between sections automatically when certain conditions are faced. Moreover, it’s also possible to edit batches of tags.

CintaNotes also guarantees that your notes can be shared, exported, synchronized and backed up. One of the easiest ways to synchronize your database with Simplenotes, is an online service. Moreover, notes can be exported to other formats, such as HTML, XML and TXT.

In general, CintaNotes has the main advantage of making your notes very easy to find. Additionally, it’s simple to use. However, there’s something I miss from other similar organizers: I would like to set time alarms for my notes.

Pedro Castro
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  • It’s easy to use.
  • It allows you to tag your notes in a hierarchical way.
  • It helps you find notes easily.
  • It allows for files attachments.
  • It supports formatted text.
  • It allows you to synchronize and export notes


  • You can’t set time alarms
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